Prowash Car & Dogwash uses the latest Carwash technologies available throughout the world today. We pride ourselves on constantly searching and implementing the best suited equipment and products for our Australian conditions.

The Laserwash Touchfree Automatic, by PDQ Manufacturing, is the market leader in Touchfree Vehicle washing equipment. PDQ has been manufacturing Carwashing Equipment for over 25 years. The Laserwash offers 3 methods of payment, Notes, Coins and Credit Card and gives change when applicable. The biggest and best feature of this type of equipment is that the customer has very little to be worried about. No need to lower your aerial, or remove your roof racks, the Laserwash does not touch any part of your car. Its just so simple and easy to use. Come and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Together with the Laserwash, Prowash Car & Dogwash offers a number of Washbays where you can get out and wash your own car. Using $1 and $2 coins you can purchase as much time as you need to wash your car. Once this time is purchased you are able to use any of the 8 individual functions. These functions range from Tyre & Engine Cleaner, Presoak, High Pressure Hot Soap, Foaming Brush, Clearcoat Protectant, High Pressure Hot Wax, High Pressure Cold Rinse and finish the wash off with a demineralised Spot Free Final Rinse. Once your car is Sparkling clean, from either the Laserwash or the Self Service Washbay, then move to the Vacuum area, to clean up the inside. In this area we offer a number of High Powered Vacuums which offer you the choice of either Standard or Turbo Vacuum suction. These units also offer a Fragrance dispensing facility, to fresh n up that interior smell. The vacuums also operate on $1 and $2 dollar coins.

Prowash Car & Dogwash offers a fully automated Change Machine, which will change $20, $10 and $5 notes, It will also change a $2 coin into 2 x $1. We also offer a full range of Car Care products, available 24 hours a day through the Vending machine. These products range from Armorall products, Fragrance Trees, Glass Cleaners, Wheel Cleaners, Towels and Chamois.