The owners of Prowash Car & Dogwash have been involved in the Australian carwash industry for more than 20 years. If there is one thing they have learnt in all of this time, its that a carwash is only as good as the products they use. Over this time we have tried and tested endless brands and we have found that the best judge is our customer. They always tell us what is good or bad about a product and 95% of the time they are correct.

Prowash Car & Dogwash uses a product from Blendco Systems, which is imported from the USA. Blendco Systems has been providing the Pofessional Carwash Industry, throughout the world, with innovative detergent solutions for more than 30 years.

Blendco has the ability to combine outstanding cleaning power (without the use of harsh chemicals) with fragrance, color and plenty of foam. The end result is quite exceptional. Im sure you will agree, once you use a Prowash Car & Dogwash, most other Carwashes don’t compare.