Prowash Car & Dogwash offers a very simple but very efficient ‘Do It Yourself’ Dogwash facility. As most dog owners are aware, the task of washing a dog at home, especially a large dog, can be quite a challenging task. We have taken the approach that we need to make this job as simple and effective as possible for both the owner and the dog.

.After trialling and testing dogwash equipment from Europe, we decided that the best dogwash equipment was actually made right here in Victoria, the TruBlu K9000. This equipment has excellent features and is simple, reliable and caters for a variety of dog sizes. It is quite easy to even wash 2 smaller dogs at the same time.

The dogwash offers 2 methods of payment, Notes and Coins. The key to this equipment is to insert a full $10 before it will start, and this can be a combination of notes and coin if needed. Once the $10 is inserted, you will receive 10 minutes of time. During this time, you can use any of the 6 functions. The functions consist of Shampoo, Rinse, Conditioner, Flea & Tick, Low Speed Dryer and finally High Speed Dryer. Note that all of the water used is maintained at 26 Degrees, to give your pouch maximum comfort. If you find that you are running out of time near the end, you are able to add $1 at a time to increase the time remaining by 1 minute. If the time runs out completely and you haven’t quite finished, you have 15 seconds to insert $1 to gain another minute.

Prowash Car & Dogwash uses a range of Products in their dogwash, which is a combination of general care, flea and tick control and health care. These unique products make every pet owner's life easier and help to keep their pet's healthier.